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You may be in the best shape of your life. You may be in the worst shape and can't get out of the curse of carrying around the fat on your body. Either way, I've included this room on my website because Dr. Berg has some amazing insights that benefits everyone.

He also posts simple photos with invaluable pointers on them. I decided to post them here to not only keep myself focused on his teachings, but also allow you to learn key tips as well. Every photo (if you click on them) will take you to Dr. Berg's website if you want to know more about him.

Sure, there are many people that specialize in good health and I have a Health Page on my website that I use to stay focused for a better living. I've also learned that you can have too many people giving advice and you end up not learning, not practicing what they're sharing, or you simply feel overwhelmed and eat poorly for comfort because that's what you're used to and know how to do. New ways are difficult to get adjusted to sometimes.

In addition, I'm providing a link below to my Planet Fitness page. I can't stress enough on how this place benefits me. There are plenty of "youngsters" that are looking to gain as much muscle mass as their body will allow. This place is not for them. Planet Fitness is perfect for the beginner that wants to slowly get their health back. Please disregard ANY negative comments about this facility because negative thoughts are not only bad for your health, but negativity will bring you down as well as others around you. If you can't afford a gym, then remember this...

 most of your solution to losing weight is cutting out the enemy foods.

Here's my personal Planet Fitness Page here on my site.

- Clark Human -


Dr. Berg has a plethora of videos on YouTube. I've provided a link below for you because the only videos I'm posting on this page are videos that pertain to me personally. The link below will open a new tab.


Here is the first video I watched and the discovery of Dr. Eric Berg thanks to Author Martha Woodward.





This is an excellent fat burning quiz created by Dr. Berg. This will take you to his website and a name and email is required to start the quiz. Once started, after each question is answered, (multiple choice) a video of him will pop up and he will explain the correct answer if you choose the wrong answer. Very informative and you'll be glad you took the quiz.

















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Cholesterol & Clogged Arteries









No more will be added to this page. Dr. Berg is dedicated to one thing whereas I am dedicated to multiple things that I have to stay on top of. Each and every photo is linked to his website. I highly suggest at bare minimum that you subscribe to his YouTube channel and/or Facebook page. You'll receive daily updates and key reminders on health related topics.