I would like to thank Planet Fitness for allowing me to be able to have a page like this up on my website. There are so many random people that hit up my site and some of them may want to join an exercise facility for many reasons all in the name of good health.

Also, you can click on the above photo to go directly to their website. If you're a beginner like me, I highly recommend checking them out. I am a Black card member so I can go to any Planet Fitness facility. That's part of the secret to sticking with it. You have to mix things up to keep it interesting and fun. Also added, if you're a gym enthusiast, power-lifter, or looking for a great workout, this place is for you too. I'll provide a video below of a professional weight lifter's experience. If you're looking for some serious gains and wanting to get into competition body building, then there are better facilities to meet your needs. Let's get going!



I'm here to get out of the house, away from my usual routines, get my blood moving, get stronger but not gain bulky muscles, get a trimmer feeling body, have fun learning new things, think about what I'm going to add to my website, trying to stay focused on positive thoughts, and enjoy what Planet Fitness has to offer.





Don't know how to stretch yet? No problem. I go straight to a treadmill first, push the QUICK START button, then select your speed. 0 incline, 3 miles per hour, and listen to the song below. Great start!





Song Selection is in the upper right





The song above has many purposes on why I like it. It was the guitar sound that inspired me to pick up the guitar in the late eighties and it has such a positive message which is a rarity in today's music scene. Mostly though, my wife said she walked into the locker room at Planet Fitness and saw a portly woman sitting on the bench with tears in her eyes. I immediately started to tear up myself and currently have tears in my eyes typing this story. My wife (Heather) said that woman could've been crying for any number of reasons. It pains me REAL bad knowing that there are fat people that were hurt by others for being overweight. So they go to the gym to better themselves but they're uneducated on a proper diet, they try to have a good workout but it's not their thing, and they know they're going to be fat the rest of their lives. So why even try!?!

You may be 400lbs and feel you're not overweight because you avoid the mirror. It's almost impossible to eat a great tasting cheeseburger (or two or three) then eat a salad afterwards. You think you're eating healthy because some fool told you we're Fruitarians so you take up fruit but still not losing weight. It's such a vicious cycle and I want to let you know, THERE IS A RIGHT DIRECTION. You just have to find it. There's too much misinformation out there and WAY too many chemicals that you don't want in your precious temple. I've been there. I've cried harder than you. I felt pain inside that I would never wish upon my worst enemy. So I know what I'm talking about. My goal is to help others that know this feeling. Also, I'll say it here and say it loud. I will never charge a dime on helping others. For starts, do the following....

Start reading the suggested serving sizes and eat proper portions!

Cut out corn syrup. (NO SODA) Water only. If you have to have that "Coke" every once in a while, I would buy the Mexican Coke because Mexico uses real sugar and not corn syrup. Avoid as much fruit as possible. Dr. Berg (on my main page) has a saying; "An apple a day will not take the weight away." Just look at the grams of sugar on fruit drinks. WOW. Grapefruit juice has around 28 grams of sugar in it. Good for cleaning your body like extracting mucus, but if you're overweight, now is not the time to be a "Fruitarian". Exercise is overrated anyways. It's good to strengthen your heart and getting stronger but for now, cutting out your enemy food is priority. Then taking a nice walk/hike is SO beneficial for not only your body but for mental health. I would also advise (AND DO IT) having your physician test your Thyroid because that could be a key issue as well. Your Thyroid gland is VERY important to be in the normal range. Search Hypothyroidism or click on the highlighted word.

For my medical page click on the photo below.





The treadmill is ok for beginners and joggers but if you're like me and you've gained some weight over the years, jogging is not what my body responds well to. While I am losing weight, (my goal is 160lbs) I love the elliptical. Here's a pic my wife took after rocking it for literally an hour. Over 5 miles and burned 538 calories. I always do an hour on the elliptical and enjoy listening to the music on the playlists above. If you know how to use the YouTube players above, you can bring up the playlists. I love my instrumentals because as a musician, I'd rather listen to the music. Also, I'm always thinking and lyrics tends to pull my thought process away from creating new ideas.