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Nose stuffed up? Feel like you have too much congestion in your body? This is the first juicing recipe I learned to do. It's very simple. Below, Dan McDonald (LifeRegenerator) explains in great detail on the advantages of drinking this simple mix of 1 lemon, 1 orange, and 1 grapefruit. My nose even stays clear long after drinking this. Also, this will help expel mucus in your lungs as well.






If you're affected by Autism in your life or just simply want to educate yourself on what is causing Autism, I HIGHLY suggest watching the three videos below.











For added brain stimulation, I use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil on my salads. The taste in my opinion is ok but I'm currently adding a slight amount of dressing with it.


I'll be putting my dressing recipe here in the near future.

This is an organic cold-pressed product I buy from Whole Foods and is inexpensive.



By far the BEST orange juice I ever had and will always buy!



I highly recommend this soap. I especially prefer the peppermint as shown below. Out of all the organic soap I've tried, this is the only one that cleans the best. It also comes in liquid form which I use for literally all my household cleaning. I've linked the Dr. Bronner website to the pic below if you're interested in knowing more about this company.


Absolutely the best shampoo I have ever tried thus far.




I highly recommend this product for many reasons. Myself, I'm trying to increase the green intake in my body. For others, this makes for a great food storage product to help fight off or prevent sickness such as Pneumonia for when/if SHTF.

As usual, click on the pic to be taken to their website and thoroughly learn more about this product. The nice thing is, you can go to your local health food store (Whole Foods) and purchase just a packet at a time if you're financially tight. ($2.00)

Just in the first serving, I started feeling a difference. Good stuff!


Not too sure about this Kyo Green below. Pic will take you to the Google search if you want reviews.