The video above is considered an experiment because 3 main things are different for me. For one, I had to learn how to play without my wedding ring tapping the fretboard. It did only once in the video. The next new thing was how I rigged up the camera to get a "not so new" angle approach. The last was the video editor I was using which gave a horrible "tinny" sound. As if using the camera mic wasn't bad enough, huh?

So, it's being used as a filler for a future video. All original music but the lead is based off of a simple pentatonic scale. Totally self taught but it makes sense seeing the pentatonic is the easiest scale. Try the Guitar Master game below, it's cool.




Quick video of Guitar Center back in the day.


Below is a video I made. The music is a cover tune from the tv series ER.


Below is how the song was made. "Hero" (ER Theme) performed by Jacu.

The episode the original instrumental is in is "Hell and High Water"





I take you on a tour of a local piano store (below)



I LOVE this sound and the way he plays!