Here's my first example of what I grill. This is country style pork ribs. I grill out all year 'round and ribs are my favorite winter time specialty.



Below is a video on how I cooked the ribs, but this video is Memphis baby back ribs.



I've used quite a few different brands of charcoal so far. The brand that seems to be the best so far is Stubbs. It burns hotter and lasts longer. I use less briquettes and that alone saves me on charcoal and money.


I have a wood guy that I call twice a year and he drops off seasoned firewood for me.

The wood sure comes in handy cooking steak over an open fire in the winter.


Dining out and drinking some wine is one of my favorite things!





I want to give a shout-out to Heather's mom, Molly. She has always cooked such nice meals for all occasions. Every year, you can count on a perfect Thanksgiving dinner or that most beautiful Christmas dinner. Of course, I've always said "thank you" at the table and before I left, but to say it again here means a lot to me. A chance that no one will ever see this doesn't matter. What matters is that I will always remember her cooking like this and it was always much appreciated. Thank you Molly.



Molly's Thanksgiving Dinner 2016


She did it again! Let's do the math here. Heather (my wife) moved into this house in 1977. Heather's mom (Molly) has dedicated her effort in doing exactly what you see every Thanksgiving & Christmas. That's 39 years * 2 = 78. This is not including the birthday preparations for her three children and husband. It's safe to say that the number of celebrations are far into the hundreds, but the preparations for sit-down style family dinners are in the thousands.