How Clark makes his coffee every morning.



There are so many ways to make coffee. Some, like me at one time, drink it for the caffeine. Others, like me now, drink it for both the taste and caffeine. I only drink coffee in the morning and I view the substance as a tonic. On this page, we will learn about the best origin of coffee beans and the best way to prepare it so that you may enjoy not only a great cup of coffee, but the best cup of coffee.




To recap the importance of the video above, we're taught some valuable information about the coffee industry.
Most of the coffee today is mechanically picked and chemically doused. That is the worst stuff you can drink.
Keys to sourcing fine coffee: 1) The coffee needs to be grown in high altitude regions. 2) Coffee should be grown in rich organic soil preferably volcanic. 3) Coffee needs the right amount of water. You can find that trio of things on the sides of mountains. There's only so many regions in the world that will yield those three things to give you fine coffee.
Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. It's been one of the top commodities for a long time. It's second right now only to oil.
Never dark roast fine coffee and when grinding your beans, you should use a burr grinder and not a blade grinder.




Cold Pressed or Iced Coffee

I've been asked about coffee with low acid. Cold press coffee has a 70% lower acidity level than hot brewed coffee. Watch the video below for another informative lesson on a new way of drinking coffee.




If you have a chance to pick up a "Java-Log", I highly recommend it. I was able to buy them at my local Kroger store here in the midwest. An honest review would be this: it doesn't smell like fresh coffee. It smells like the coffee grounds after you brew it. That's what it is. It's recycled coffee grounds but I like the idea of it and it's rather affordable.

Here's a pic below I took.



How I make coffee every morning!


These videos below will show you more on the AeroPress & learn more on coffee.




Find a local roaster or roast yourself, use purified water (not tap), give your coffee time to soak, (2-4 minutes) and enjoy that one cup of perfect coffee no matter how strong or weak you like it. Grind your beans more than coarse but a little less than fine.

- Clark Human -




My current coffee I'm trying and loving is Silver Bridge Coffee. I'll be doing some more research on the company but it's a local roaster in my area and that is one of the secrets on selecting a great cup of coffee. As usual, click on the logo and that will open a new window and take you to their website.



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