This website serves as a personal link page for Clark Human.

I (Clark) am the sole creator, owner, and operator of this website. At first, I didn't care that it was secure because my site is so small, I wouldn't be much of a target for hackers. Then, after realizing how many people visit my site, I felt it would make everyone feel better to have an "S" at the end of the http address. It has grown to something wonderful not only for me, but for the people that I support on here. They receive some of my visitors and demand my website stay active.



I have a wide range of interests so I use this site for many reasons. The two main subjects on this site are Music and Aviation. The rest are fun hobby related subjects. A lot of times, I'm somewhere away from my computer and someone will ask about a certain interest of mine. It's convenient to have them simply pull up my site on their phone and discover something new and positive. I thrive on family safety. Good things!

"But Clark, you're website is so old looking."

I'm not selling anything. This website takes in NO money. I do not accept donations. I say that again with pride. I Do Not accept donations. There are no commercials. I can't speak for the external links, but I do this for the pure LOVE of it. I will never ask you to "smash that Like button" or share my stuff or subscribe. Out of thousands of people that visit here, if there are 30 people that use my site as a links page/bookmark page, then I am content with that. This is what I love to do. I pass the savings onto YOU.



Questions & Answers from Recent Emails:

"You should pay a professional to build your website so people will take you more serious."

I've put so much time looking into that. How can you NOT take me serious. If you have an interest in Aviation for example, then you're going to find a valuable link to THAT professional website. I've seen far too many changes and it is for sure without a doubt, not for the better. It's confusing. You don't have to "learn" how my website works. I like simple and most important, it's cost effective.

"WHY!?! and how did I even get here?"

The repetitiveness of the same question that comes often. In all honesty, you basically drove by my house in the cyber world, looked around, and if you don't find anything of interest, that's cool. But I promise you  you'll learn something new about a variety of subjects. I'm perfectly legit. I don't collect data. It's simple is why you dislike it. I wrote it in HTML so you can inspect the source code easier. So to answer your Q; it's like my job resume. Or someone that wants to get to know me better. Social Credit? And the best answer will be one that someone suggests and I say, "I wish I would've thought of that one then."

Great responses coming in. I'm slow, but I will post some good ones.  ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

Do YOU have questions or comments? I always welcome interaction from site visitors.