Welcome to my website, and thanks for your interest in finding out if a Squirrel will take my offering.

I will be posting a follow-up "action" video on Who takes the ear of corn, why, and are they really motivated by color.


An Attorney representing the Squirrels are pushing forth with a Voyeurism suit to prevent me from filming. My Attorney immediately counter-filed stating that since we are outside, we are in public, so the Squirrels DO NOT have the expectation of privacy, and since we can't hear them speak, there's no eavesdropping law being violated here.

As of 7:30am, the following morning, the ear of corn remains untouched. Weather is rainy and very dark.



11:00am, two of 'em seem to be feeding off the ground from debris from the bird feeders. Hmmm. So far, there's not that ONE that "covets" from an upper level. Interesting. I was expecting a rather sneaky, unstoppable approach from a Spotter Squirrel. Totally making this up as I go, recovering from a Double Inguinal Hernia Surgery. The Experiment continues.....

Gray squirrels are the most common of all tree squirrels and are found throughout most of the northern hemisphere. Gray squirrels are, on average, 15 inches long and weigh approximately one pound. Squirrels are known for their ability to plan for the future, spending fall gathering nuts and seeds so that they have enough food to last throughout the winter. Squirrels will clean each nut or seed before they bury it, thereby leaving a scent that the squirrel can find later in winter.


During the mating season which is twice a year, December to January and June to July, a type of chasing occurs.

The female gives off a scent that attracts males. A line of males can be seen chasing one female. The ones immediately behind her are the more dominant males, and one will probably be allowed to mate with her.

The Gray squirrels home is a leafy nest located in a cavity or fork of a tree.


Cavities suitable for squirrel nests occur most often in older trees, particularly white oaks, elms, sycamores and soft maples.


These are preferred home sites, especially for winter and for nurseries, because they provide good protection from weather and enemies.

Leaf nests are usually built in the tops of large trees and consist of a rough twig framework with a bulky pile of leaves heaped layer upon layer. The squirrel hollows out a nest cavity in the center of the leaves.

Gray squirrels pregnancy requires about 45 days, one to eight young comprise a litter, but two or three are most common.

The young are hairless at birth, have their eyes and ears closed, and possess well developed claws. They come out of the nest for the first time when 6 to 7 weeks old, and in another week or so are weaned.


In the summer, you will notice that gray squirrels are most active at your feeders in the early morning and then again in mid afternoon. During the middle of the day they rest.

In the winter, when the days are shorter, noontime is their peak activity time.

The primary natural foods of these creatures are nuts; fruits and buds of hickory, pecan, walnut, elm and mulberry trees; and field corn.

To bury a nut, a gray squirrel digs a hole about 3 to 4 inches deep, puts the nut inside, pushes it down with it's nose, and then pulls the soil over it with its front paws.

When it wants to retrieve the nut, it goes to the general area and locates it either by the smell or by its own scent, which was left when it buried the nut with its nose.

The range of this animal consist of several acres that overlap the home ranges of other squirrels. Although they seldom travel farther than 200 yards from home in any one season.

They do not defend these territories. However, there is a dominance hierarchy with others of the same species. In general, older males are dominant over females and younger squirrels.




Yes, the Squirrel Query is a joke, but the information is accurate. I needed to make a video for Youtube, so this was the first thought that came to mind. The first point was not to make a serious video, but at the same time, it was a way to get viewers on Youtube and other sites to visit my website. So in all, it was a smart way to increase website traffic.

Did it in fact increase traffic? No.

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